Why Oh Why? (My Caroline) – Luke Legs and the Midnight Specials

Released: 2011









1.    Met My Lover On A Dirty Ride
2.    Old Crow
3.    Your Sweet Face I Need To See
4.    Why Oh Why? (My Caroline)
5.    Louise
6.    Paris (A Song For You)
7.    Raining On The Inside
8.    Bird Of Morning (Live At Denmark St)
9.    The Monkey On A Wire
10.  Curtains & Roses

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Listening to Why Oh Why? (My Caroline) is like being woken up by a sunrise after falling asleep in your backyard next to the person you love.
Dan Watt, Beat Magazine, March 2011.

A simply stunning debut album.
Melbourne Times Weekly, February 2011.

The ten songs on Why Oh Why? (My Caroline?) shine like beads of beer sweat on a summer afternoon.
Samson McDougall, Inpress Magazine, March 2011.

My essential album of the week. I love this album!
John Carver 3PBS FM,

There is no sensationalised American country here- this is pure grass roots music, sung with conviction and sincerity that will hook in any fan of the genre.
Timber and Steel, 2011